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4 Wire Thermometer Diagram - tweet 4 wire rtd configuration temperature sensor the four wire resistance thermometer configuration increases the accuracy and reliability of the resistance being a thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient a thermometer has two important elements 1 a temperature sensor e g the bulb of a mercury in glass thermometer or the digital sensor in an infrared thermometer in which some change occurs with a change in temperature and 2 some means of converting this change into a numerical value e g the visible scale this is the latest ds18b20 1 wire digital temperature sensor from maxim ic reports degrees c with 9 to 12 bit precision 55c to 125c 0 5c the bimetallic thermometer consists of a bimetallic strip a bimetallic strip is made of two thin strips of metals which have different coeffcients of expansion suppose we wished to measure the resistance of some ponent.
located a significant distance away from our ohmmeter such a scenario would be problematic because an ohmmeter measures all resistance in the circuit loop which includes the resistance of the wires rwire connecting the ohmmeter to the ponent being measured rsubject usually wire resistance is very small only a few ohms the earliest surviving bimetallic strip was made by the eighteenth century clockmaker john harrison who is generally credited with its invention he made it for his third marine chronometer h3 of 1759 to pensate for temperature induced changes in the balance spring it should not be confused with the bimetallic mechanism for correcting for thermal expansion in his gridiron pendulum loosen the contact screws not mounting screws on the l holder and on the switch to make them ready for connecting the wires cut 3 pieces of wire any color to 7 5 and 4 introduction a laser doppler.
velocimeter ldv also known as a laser doppler anemometer lda is a type of interferometer that measures the velocity of objects using laser light
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